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The Toughest Thing To Sell is Yourself!

Just ask any economic developer…

If you’re a marketer, it’s relatively easy to learn about a product, evaluate its features and benefits and size up its strengths and weaknesses.

Then you turn to the audience of potential customers and determine the language they’re familiar with and the verbal context in which they need to hear the product described in order to be interested in buying it.

These are the so-called “hot buttons” or verbal prompts that trigger emotional interest for a particular product.

Follow that up with choosing the correct media to reach your prospects and you’re well on your way to having your product sold!

But what about selling a community? More specifically, what about selling your community?

That’s usually when the page stays blank or your cursor blinks for an inordinate amount of time on your word processor’s empty screen.

Tapping your fingers or staring out the window doesn’t help either. When you’re trying to market yourself, virtually everyone has a problem!

Let me tell you a marketing secret…

Do you know who the worst sales people in the world are?

In my 30 plus years in marketing and sales, engineers win that title hands down!

Why? Because, they’re too close to the product! They know too much about it. There’s no distance between them and the product. They gave birth to it. They lack objectivity.

They're too close to properly evaluate their product and its position in the market place. And, positioning is everything!

American Images Publishing can provide the objectivity necessary to help you present your community in the most positive light and position it favorably to interested businesses and investors.

So, call today!

Please spend some time exploring our web site. It will explain how our programs work and show you what we can do for you.

If you need to find a way to get potential businesses and investors to pay attention to your message, call us. We would be pleased for the opportunity to help you find the most effective way to market your community and help you keep your local economy strong and growing!

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